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Mythical Soul Stories

Personalised Magical Gifts 

Let me weave you a story from the other realm

What will happen I cannot tell 

Adventure awaits those who are brave

Step inside my magical cave

Fantasy make believe it's all up to you

But look deeper within and I will give you a clue

Fairies, witches, goblins galore 

This is the world that we shall explore

Becoming yourself is not always easy to do. Let me introduce the magic of Lou.

I am a dream weaver. I create dreams as I flow. I am finding my path as I surrender it shows. My words they wish to have their own say. Unblocking blocks and creating new ways. The gift of my story will bring out the play. Contact me if you wish me to relay.

In order to birth a personalised short story where a friend is the hero of the tale I need the first name of who the story is for, age range and 3 random fun facts.  Please send your information via the contact form  Click here then pay £25 via paypal, link below. 


Your magical parcel will be emailed back to you in PDF format within 7 days. 

...In the dreams is where we find something

that we left behind...


This story is for entertainment purposes only.

We take no responsibility for actions taken as a result.