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It’s me. It’s Lou. Do you remember me? Welcome. Can I just say that I am excited to be on this journey with you. Where are we going? When will we get there? Will a spell of forgetfulness waylay us? Will people get distracted or shall a spell protect us and ensure that no matter what we shall fulfil our mission? Ok ok. Where to start? 

The story ladies and gentleman begins at a time when all things could speak and we could hear The characters lived in the wild woods and were particularly gifted and happy until something happened and they got separated.  The plot is about how they find each other and ignite those gifts in order to fulfil a mission that bizarrely they can’t remember.

How can I help?  I have walked many lonely paths for many lifetimes to find the elixir for us.  I won't lie it's been an arduous journey but if you remember anything, remember this - We must ignite our inner magic at all costs and nature will be the guide.  Meanwhile, do not be afraid.  I can’t talk now as someone is coming.  Just know I am a friendSending love and blessings, Lou x